HRSS360 offers easy options for your employees to update their demographics, life events and personal information in just a few clicks


Take organizations HR process to next level by digitizing HR functionalities like – Attendance, Timesheet, Approval process, Leave application process etc., and all these in a jiffy!

HR Analytical Reports

HRSS solution presents accurate reports, that help Managers take informed decisions and increase visibility.

Why Choose HRSS360?

Awesome features!

Leave & Absence Management

Efficiently handle time-offs and all
other leave related aspects

Timesheet and Task Management

Organize day at work, Focus on core
business activities and increase

Smart Attendance

HRSS360 comes with comes with
Attendance, work from home tracking

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence

Employee Self Service

Update demographics, life events
and personal information

Performance & Appraisal

Manage performance appraisals, goal
tracking, 360 degree feedback.

Asset Management

Track Assets issued to employees and
maintain asset inventory.

Travel & Expense Management

TESS360 – is an add-on tool that
helps employees plan

Glimpses of HRSS360

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HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence
HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence

HR Policy Compliance and Employee Retention

HRSS360 is highly adaptive solution and is configurable as per needs of the organization. HRSS360 has been developed with an eye for detail based on HR best practices. Ensures transparency at every step and at every stage, providing insights to the employees on their entitlement, HR rules. Solution contributes in creating a healthy work environment, increasing employee retention and employee performance.

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence

Get the competitive Edge with HRSS360

HRSS360 benefits both employees and employers, thereby fostering win-win situation and further contributing to overall growth of the organization. With numerous inbuilt HR features and functionalities, HRSS360 is a comprehensive HR solution that one can take advantage of. Integrates with external payroll applications like Oracle HRMS, PeopleSoft, WorkDay etc

Designed for Small, Medium & Large Organizations

HRSS360 is suitable for all kinds of organizations, be it small, medium or large. Hence it can be used in any organization, irrespective of its size across industry segments. Uses robust architecture and automates processes that are otherwise tedious Human resource tasks creating an efficient HR department.

What our clients say!

Check some of our awesome clients reviews about our service

  • I've tried a dozen of HR system from PeopleSoft to Workday and HRSS360 was the most intuitive, with just the right features and was the quickest to use. Excellent job.

    Diane Pennebaker

  • Perfect for small organization like mine with 40+ employees, very cost effective and very easy to follow and the online configurator makes it really easy to personalize it as per my organization HR policies. Nice job, can't wait to try out the other Travel and Expense...

    Ruby King

  • A very well done mobile app that now works exactly as advertised. Leaps and bounds above any other HR app I've ever worked with

    Marion Campbell

  • I have used both HRSS360 and TESS360 and both work seamlessly and are tightly integrated giving my team a complete HR system. I like the flexibility and amount of configuration i can do without requiring any...

    Garrett Kite

  • Love the design and features of HRSS360 ?. We tried various HR solutions in the past but they would always fall short on features and policy definition. I love how HRSS360 gives me the power to date track policy...

    Taylor Jay

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