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A SaaS based HRMS Software for
Automation of HR processes!

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Human resource management is a continuous process of systematic planning and evaluation to achieve optimum use of an organization’s most valuable asset – the employees. HRSS360 is an agile HRMS software solution that integrates several human resource management modules and processes to ensure smooth administration, efficient processing, and easy accessibility to people-centric real time data. 

This SaaS based HR solution for employers and their employees, is ranked among the top HRMS software to manage human resources and related processes throughout the employee lifecycle. HRSS360 ensures a clutter free office and is flexible to configure HR processes for unique business needs. Experience the digital revolution by adopting HRSS360 a HRMS software and catch up with office from anywhere!

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Humam resource management system to to fulfill your HR requirement
HRMS software for the business needs.

HRSS360 – HR Automation Software

HRSS360 combines agile core HR functionality with actionable insights and a seamless multi-channel interface. It enables effective communications with frontline workers and remote employees, subsequently fostering employee engagement and productivity.
HRMS software dashboard to automate HR processes

Intelligent cloud based HR solution for automation and integration of HR practices

White labeled HR software, configurable according to business requirements

HRMS Software, easily configurable to meet your business requirement
HRMS Software for real time tracking of employee data and remote logins

Real time tracking of employee data in the organization

Available in both web and mobile (Android/ iOS) based formats

HRMS Software compatible with both web and mobile versions.
Dynamic and extensive reporting system

Extensive and exhaustive reports for effective people management

Reduce carbon footprint by enabling a paperless office

HRMS software to reduce paper work and eventually reduces Carbon Footprint
Cloud based HRMS software provides data security and privacy control

Unmatched Data Security and Privacy Control

Core HR Functionalities on a Single Platform

HRSS360 is a HRMS software to hold all your sensitive people data on a single platform, for easy access, increased accuracy, and enhanced compliance. We offer a suite of integrated HR modules, which are configurable according to organizational requirements and HR policies.


Get Your HRSS360 App From Apple and Play Store

We are easily available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download the HRSS360 app from these online stores and use your subscription credentials to login to the system.
HRMS software application available on Google play store and Apple app store

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a SaaS-based HR solution to connect people and their workplace and works on various subscription model.

Prior to the set up of HRSS360, we require a number of inputs from the client, like Employee data, HR Policies, and others. It usually takes 3-4 weeks, depending upon the information received from the customer.

HRSS360 is easy to configure! Based on the selection of modules of HRSS360, the system is configured to match your HR processes. It is a white labelled solution that can be configured with the organisation logo and Name.

Yes! HRSS360 has proven very effective during these pandemic times. It can manage employee attendance, from any location, at any given point of time with the facility to punch-in login hours. It uses the GPS location of the employee to record the location details automatically. The “Touchless Attendance” module is also an option available with HRSS360. It monitors and maintains leave records, as per the organization policy.

HRSS360, has its own add-on payroll solution which is accurate and reliable with simple & secure interface and is easily configurable. It also reduces the risk of double entry. In addition to seamless data flow, payroll customers also enjoy comprehensive payroll reporting, effective customer support, and full-service tax filing.