Asset Management - Track Assets issued to Employees

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence

Benefits of HRSS360 Asset Management

Asset Management module in HRSS360, allows application admin to define Asset Types and Asset Items, e.g. Vehicle, Laptop, Desktop, Mobile Phone etc., and assign them to employees based on asset request and approval, return any defective asset by employees. Asset Management also maintains and tracks inventory of Licenses, certifications assigned to each employee. Effective record keeping of Assets brings in visibility into assets helps by employee that need to be returned during exit process. HRSS360 Asset Management module ensures effective tracking of assets and compliance to help in audit process. With effective asset tracking, HRSS360 ensures plugging of security breaches and information theft by backtracking to individual employee holding the asset causing the breach.

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence
HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence
  • Flexibility and ease in tracking Assets issued information anywhere, anytime.
  • HRSS360 App can be accessed from mobile phones, iPad, tablets.
  • HRSS360 ensures during the exit process, all Assets issued to Employee are reported to both HR and Employee Manager.
  • User Friendly, Helps managers take informed decisions and also ensures that all assets are maintained, insured and under warranty, including any licenses setup on equipments like Laptops
  • Save costs that would otherwise be incurred on stationery, time.
  • Capture asset usage from anywhere, anytime. Track assets and equipment with ease

Keeping track of organization’s assets is challenging in a distributed or mobile employee base, with HRSS360 easily manage valuable organization assets and equipment anytime and from anywhere. Tools are expensive to replace and can be difficult to keep track of. Stop asset loss, minimize delays and know what is where in an instant. Check in, check out and assign assets to locations, employees, and projects.

HRSS360 automates Asset Management by integrating with onboarding module wherein for new employee onboarded, asset request is raised by HR and new employee is issued as per the asset entitlement policy.

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