Managing the remote workforce with SaaS based HR Solutions

SaaS based HR solution to manage remote workforce

Since the onset of the “new normal,” remote work across the world has recorded massive gains, with up to 400% YoY growth. A distributed model and remote workforce are the new normal today. This trend is set to continue, as people grow used to the benefits of working from anywhere. In response to this immense […]

HR Automation tools to manage the modern workforce

HR automation tools

As business organizations transform in terms of company culture and work patterns, Human Resource Management Systems are becoming more relevant and gaining significance. Digitalization has made paper documents, a thing of the past and now organizations have moved beyond manually managing their employees to digitally tracking their workforce. Modern workforce management calls for an automated […]

The Benefits of HR Process Automation

Discussing HR automation process

While humans will always be the most important aspect of your Human Resources (HR), technology is gradually sneaking into efficiencies and optimization that human resources teams find it difficult to handle. Technology brings in HR automation and swifter HR processes with cost and time benefits. Gartner shares that 17% of organizations use AI-based solutions in […]

Automate and power up your HR Operations with HRSS360

HRSS360 HR Automation

HR has traditionally been a highly manual department. With the advances in AI and automation technologies, HR functions can increase their level of automation and the processes can be handled more efficiently improving employee satisfaction. Gartner shares that 17% of organizations use AI-based solutions in their HR function and another 30% will do the same […]

Roster Management Software

Roster management

Roster Management Software for efficient employee scheduling Is your HR tired of losing time in managing people? Do you have complicated shift plans with rotating, overlapping, and overnight shifts? Are you still stuck in the paper and pen process to manage your roster? Well… go for a rostering system through HR automation, and you will end […]

Best HR Automation Solution

HR processes and systems differ from one company to another, although they may have the same objectives. HR management includes all people-related processes and systems which generally run through an entire employee life cycle, from hiring to offboarding. Typically, these processes involve a lot of tedious paperwork and manual record-keeping. This is where technology comes […]