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HRSS360 HR Automation
HR has traditionally been a highly manual department. With the advances in AI and automation technologies, HR functions can increase their level of automation and the processes can be handled more efficiently improving employee satisfaction. Gartner shares that 17% of organizations use AI-based solutions in their HR function and another 30% will do the same in 2022.

What is HR automation?

Human resources handle job postings, onboarding, company benefits, employee welfare, performance tracking, payroll, expense tracking, offboarding and more. When an organisation scales, spreads to multiple locations, or works remotely, it cannot survive without HR automation.

Legacy HRMS software require custom coding in addition to being quite expensive and complex. HR automation today, is cost-effective, swifter to deploy, and easily accessible through omni-channels. Cloud based HR solutions and no code options like HRSS360, are now making HR management efficient and integrated. A recent KPMG report found that virtually all HR functions can be fully or partially automated.

Cloud based HR solutions can handle many crucial administrative tasks such as feeding data, creating files, sharing documents, selecting candidates with specific skills, filling forms, and more. When processed manually, these tasks can take hours to complete. An HR automation solution eases the routine and tedious tasks performed by the back-office employees, freeing them for more productive tasks. It also reduces errors and human dependence, saves costs, time, and other key resources of the company that could be used for more productive tasks.

HRSS360 HR Automation Software

How does automation help HR?

The main HR automation benefits that can revolutionize your HR, include:
streamlined efficient processes

  • more accurate insights for better decision-making
  • effective records management
  • better resource allocation
  • improved productivity
  • consistent operations across locations.

Essential Features of HR Automation Software

There are several automated HR systems available in the market today. Most systems are configurable according to organisational policies. However, you must check with specifications and requirements of your HR. Here is a list of six features every HR automation software must have:

Actionable Insights

Speed up the decision-making process with visual-rich reports and dashboards

Omni-Channel Access

Access information related to any HR process, anywhere, at any time, on any device

Quick Integration

Synchronize data with other HR management systems through API integrations

Risk Mitigation

Make all HR processes tamper-proof with audit trails and 360-degree visibility

Automated Alerts

Set automated alerts to keep employees on track and complete tasks on time

Dynamic Workflow

Design unique, automated HR workflows that are in tune with every HR process
HRSS360 HR Automation

When you have unique requirements, it is good to invest in a HR platform that can fit your needs perfectly. HRSS360 is a SaaS-based, dynamic solution that can easily integrate with your existing systems, while automating your daily HR functions. Get in touch with our experts to understand how HRSS360 can be configured to automate and transform your HR processes.

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