HR Automation tools to manage the modern workforce

HR automation tools

As business organizations transform in terms of company culture and work patterns, Human Resource Management Systems are becoming more relevant and gaining significance. Digitalization has made paper documents, a thing of the past and now organizations have moved beyond manually managing their employees to digitally tracking their workforce. Modern workforce management calls for an automated HRMS to ensure maximum production and engagement, for enhanced employee satisfaction and experience.

HR Automation Software

Human resource management is an incredibly complex domain that involves many processes. Earlier HR specialists were bound to spend too much of their precious time on mundane, monotonous activities instead of focusing on more serious issues. The implementation of technology into the HR workflow frees the professionals from a great amount of routine work. The automation of processes eliminates paperwork, speeds up the execution of tasks, and contributes to more efficient HR performance.

HR automation tools can streamline workflows, ensure processes are consistent, reduce the likelihood of error, and can help HR save time and money which can be better spent on strategic people initiatives. HR automation tools help organisations stay compliant with regulations, while streamlining repetitive and laborious tasks in managing personnel.

HRSS360 HR software to automate HR functionalities

Automating the HR processes

Do you remember the times when your HR struggled with endless phone calls, emails, and paperwork to keep track of your workforce? They had to keep several processes and tasks in mind, while keeping the organisation and workforce satisfied. Now, there are hundreds of available HR tools that are designed specifically to facilitate and optimize the work of HR teams. You must look at the following HR automation tools before considering any solution:

  • Streamlining workflows
  • Organization and management of employee data
  • Creation of detailed employee records
  • Promote social collaboration
  • Management of payroll, vacation, and bonuses
  • Robust reports and analytics

Automation tools to look for in HR software

HR automation tools help organizations to quickly retrieve employee records, while simplifying and speeding up decision-making. Although some automation functions are more helpful than others depending on the organization’s needs, there are some key automation features a company should look for when investing in an HRMS, including the following:

Recruitment and hiring tools – Leave a lasting impression on your new recruits with easy onboarding tools and introduce them to HR policies and procedures of the organisation.

Employee Self Service tools – Facilitate employees to update their personal information and professional details online, while keeping your sensitive data safe. Accessible, user-friendly employee portals allow company staff to access a where employees can request time off, change their benefits and track training programs.

Payroll and Welfare tools – On-time, error free processing of wages, salaries, deductions, bonuses, reimbursements, and other relevant financial records. These include pay and benefits calculators, direct deposit tracking, salary receipts and memos.

Efficient workflow tools – Workflow tools include updates that can be pushed automatically to organized recipient lists.

Time and leave tracking tools – Enables time tracking and real time attendance to auto calculate working days, work hours, time offs, holidays and more. These tools include shift scheduling and management, time allocation, leave entitlement and balance and overtime.

Performance evaluation tools – Advanced tools for managers and management to make the performance and appraisal process easy with multi-level accessibility. Performance evaluation tools include feedback tracking, performance review organization and data collection.

Employee training tools – Training tools include the ability to manage training opportunities, track employee competencies and monitor learning progress.

Asset Management tools – Simplified tool for online requisition requests and maintenance records of assets allocated to employees.

Remote workforce management tools – Tool to enable employees to login remotely and work even when away from office.

Expense management and reimbursement tools – Tool for expense management and comprehensive travel bookings for employees from anywhere, alongside simplified reconciliations and reimbursements from the management.
Talent management and retention tools – These tools can gather feedback about employee satisfaction and predict areas in need of improvement before employee resignations.

Data management and analytics tools – Analytics tools included in HRMS can analyze any data sets and find patterns or trends to aid in decision-making.

HR Automation with human resource management system
The above-mentioned HR automation tools not only make your team efficient, but they also facilitate business analytics and growth. It is important to remember though that the whole HRM domain is impossible without people. A lot depends on the empathy and experience of an HR specialist, but the deployment of technology can significantly improve the quality of work of such specialists.

There are many cloud HR systems to choose from if you are considering automating your HR functions. HRSS360 is one of the best HR software available in the market, that smoothens the transition to a digital working environment, enabling modern HR specialists to speed up and enhance performance while addressing to employee satisfaction, optimization of the recruiting and onboarding processes, employee motivation, asset management and expense management functions.

HRSS360 is a human resource management system to hold all your sensitive people data on a single platform, for easy access, increased accuracy, and enhanced compliance. We offer a suite of integrated HR modules, which are configurable according to organizational requirements. Our comprehensive HR system helps organizations handle payroll, time and attendance, task management, asset management, performance management, travel and expense management, and more. Connect with HRSS360 now, to subscribe your HRMS.

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