Managing the remote workforce with SaaS based HR Solutions

SaaS based HR solution to manage remote workforce

Since the onset of the “new normal,” remote work across the world has recorded massive gains, with up to 400% YoY growth. A distributed model and remote workforce are the new normal today. This trend is set to continue, as people grow used to the benefits of working from anywhere. In response to this immense transformation, HR teams in charge of a globally distributed workforce, need to ensure that their people remain engaged, productive, and connected. SaaS based HR solutions are helping organizations ensure a digitally managed hybrid workforce.

Here, we discuss SaaS based HR Solutions, their benefits and effectiveness in managing the distributed workforce, to achieve the best business results.

The challenges of managing a remote workforce

Remote workforce management is the system of effectively leading and managing remote employees. It typically involves communication, processes and technology specifically designed to lead a productive remote workforce.

At the workplace, we have a set of clear expectations for employees, like defined working hours, windows for breaks, laid down processes, and parameters of office conduct. We also have policies, both formal and informal, that employees are expected to follow during work hours at the office. However, we cannot expect all those patterns and expectations to automatically port over to remote working. Working remotely can be tough. Thus, revising our expectations to allow for the difference in environment and formulating new guidelines for the remote workforce to follow, is the need of the hour!

But then, how can you monitor and manage the remote workforce? You cannot leave them un-monitored and to their wishes. In an ideal world, you trust every member of your team. While managing the workforce remotely, it’s completely understandable to have some challenges/ grey areas. It’s human nature and people do get distracted when not being monitored.

Here, communication plays an important role. While you need to be able to reach out to your employees, prospects, and customers through different channels, it is also important to keep your team on the same page as per defined HR doctrine. To make sure there’s trust and transparency, you must have clearly defined boundaries and workflows, and an easy way for people to communicate.

The solution is cloud technology. When teams cannot communicate with each other face to face, centrally hosted cloud-based HRMS software, that we call SaaS based HR solutions, facilitate the kind of communications and engagement necessary to manage business and run an organization effectively. SaaS based HR solutions are cloud platforms that provide a single interface to manage the workforce, automate operations and streamline processes, while providing secure access to employees. The accelerated race to the cloud, and adoption of SaaS-based solutions are increasingly being leveraged across organizations and its various departments, with an expectation to support the modern workplace’s transition into the future.

What is SaaS based HR solution?

Essentially, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a Cloud based software delivery model, where the user need not download or install the application. SaaS solutions run through a web browser and are procured on a subscription basis.

SaaS based HR solutions are helping organizations manage their regular, hybrid and remote workforce effectively. These dynamic remote workforce management solutions ensure team collaboration, performance tracking, and employee engagement, while keeping the employer and the employee on the same platform. The employee monitoring software enables the HR to manage the workforce on a single, easy-to-use, accessible from everywhere, integrated platform that can be configured as per organizational requirements.

SaaS based HR solutions advantages for organizations

Benefits of SaaS based HR solutions

From recruiting to onboarding, to payroll to employee wellness, the HR must attend to a lot of responsibility. SaaS based HR solutions can automate several processes, allowing HR managers to save time and focus on their core functional tasks. Here is what an employee monitoring software can do for your HR:
  • Real time workforce management: Track your hybrid workforce from anywhere anytime.
  • Enhanced employee experience: Gives employees the ability to online manage their own personal information, such as requesting leave.
  • Process Automation: Automated processes save HR from mundane administrative work.
  • Easy Accessibility: Accessibility over Internet gives the workforce location independence.
  • Effortless Scalability: Easily scalable as per organizational requirements.
  • Clutter-free and Paperless: Eliminates the need for hard copies and paper waste.
  • Unified user interface: Provide a single interface for employee data, and HR functionality making remote workforce management efficient.
  • Easy Integration: Integrates with existing solutions and cross-domain systems.
  • Higher Productivity: Efficient resource planning helps boost productivity.
  • Employee Training: Employees can access training resources and track their progress through assessments and set goals for themselves.
  • Bridge the communication gap: Help improve communication and morale within teams.
  • People Analytics to Improve Business Intelligence: Collect and analyze people data to improve organizational decision-making.

Cloud based remote workforce management solutions are no longer an option, but a basic requirement for organized successful business operations.

HR software to monitor and automate HR processes

HRSS360 is the best SaaS based HR solution that is configurable according to your organizational requirements. This employee monitoring software enables location independence and enables you to access your employee data from anywhere, giving you the flexibility to work with remote workforce, even on the go. It has in-built workforce analytics and productivity reporting helps organizations become more efficient and productive whether in office, hybrid, or remote. It gathers and visualizes quality insights that can be used to transform HR best practices, business interactions and the HR-employee relationship. 

For further information connect with our experts and find out more about our solution.

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