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Roster Management Software for efficient employee scheduling

Is your HR tired of losing time in managing people? Do you have complicated shift plans with rotating, overlapping, and overnight shifts? Are you still stuck in the paper and pen process to manage your roster? Well… go for a rostering system through HR automation, and you will end up working smarter with enhanced productivity. Let me tell you how to work it right so that you can ensure that the right combination of people is working together for maximum outputs.

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What is Roster Management System?

An HR automation system with roster management software can help define shift plans for a location, a department or even an employee, while having detailed reports of the shifts each employee is working on. Roster management system is a very important process for any organization to optimize its resources and work force. It enables you to work out the right combination of employees to work at a time, for attaining the right business outcomes. Roster management system is deployed in various industry verticals, where managing shifts of employees is always a challenging task.

How does Roster Management System work?

The HR needs to schedule shifts of an employee for the entire month or can sometimes even need to change the already scheduled shift to another shift for a single day. This gives the flexibility to HR managers in creating and managing a rostering system.
While managing a roster for a group of employees, the HR needs to ensure that all the shifts have adequate resources, and each employee gets enough rest. Some verticals like factories and hospitals usually work non-stop, so 24×7 availability of resources must be ensured at such places. Usually there are three shifts with employees working 8 hours on each shift and employees have different weekly off days. Also, shift times are rotated once in a week or so to avoid some employees always working on night shift.

Benefits of a Roster Management Software

Staff requirements set the basis for creating a roster. The roster allows managers to create a master schedule by allocating personnel to sites or locations with shift patterns, hours, times, allowances, and rates for the purposes of creating rosters automatically for each period. A flexible shift scheduler will always be what is required by HR and keep every employee updated about their shifts. It alleviates the hassles and headaches of everyday shift management.

Here is what the Roster Management Software can do for your business:

  • Keeps employees updated
  • Ensures employee satisfaction and well-being
  • Delegation of resources
  • Reduces availability conflicts
  • Instant notifications of open shifts
  • Employee time requests
  • Time tracking software
  • Organized shift scheduling
  • Cloud based mobile app compatibility
  • Labor cost and overtime consideration
  • Employee schedule accessibility
  • Team communication platform
  • Saves time and costs
  • Reduces scope for human error
  • Increased accessibility
  • Compliance with organizational policies

HRSS360 is the best HR automation solution with an integration of several HR modules and is configurable according to your organizational requirements. The roster management system in HRSS360 helps the HR to create and manage shifts efficiently and easily. It enables the import of the roster from the existing Excel file, and then allows manual editing of the online roster in the system. While this solution boasts of a robust roster management system, it also ensures compliance and employee self-service.

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