The Benefits of HR Process Automation

Discussing HR automation process

While humans will always be the most important aspect of your Human Resources (HR), technology is gradually sneaking into efficiencies and optimization that human resources teams find it difficult to handle. Technology brings in HR automation and swifter HR processes with cost and time benefits. Gartner shares that 17% of organizations use AI-based solutions in their HR function and another 30% will do the same by the end of 2022. Let’s take a closer look at HR automation and its benefits to organisations.

Need for HR process automation

HRD is one of the most paper-intensive departments of any organisation. From job applications, attendance sheets, timesheets, sick leave documents, to training certificates, asset allocation orders, and expense reimbursement receipts, this department deals with a heap of papers each day. With an automated system to manage these documents, your HR can be efficient and experience centralisation, privacy protection, and business process efficiency. An automated HR team has easy and secure access to data, at their convenience.
HR software to mark the attendance

How can automation help you?

HR systems are specifically designed to make the lives of HR professionals easier. That means they are user-friendly, easy to use, and make HR processes more efficient. In addition, HR process automation ensures that regardless of how many different entities your organization has, and what country they are in, the day-to-day HR processes are consistent throughout.

Some HR management tasks that can be automated include the following:

  • Administration – paper intensive documentation and forms
  • Payroll, – pay checks, salary changes and tasks related to employee pay
  • Employee self-service tools – self data ownership and updating
  • Employee recruitment – attracting candidates, hiring and first day setup
  • Employee appraisals – bonuses, discipline, termination, upscale of employee skills and promotions
  • Employee onboarding – set up access to programs, hardware, and training
  • Employee offboarding – Removing access, organizational restructuring, and scheduling exit interviews
  • Training and development – Track employee training and skill set management
  • Timekeeping – Employee work hours, sick days, vacation, and time off
  • Create and maintain employee records
  • Government regulations, ensuring that employees are aware of guidelines that impact their work and ensuring that the company is within compliance
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Expense Management – Organisational and employee expense, travel reimbursements
  • Employee tracking – Onsite, work from home, offsite
HR process automation to manage entire HR task

Benefits of HR Automation

Automation reduces the chance of mistakes as routine tasks are automated, while your important HR-related data is organised and safe. With manual tasks being automated, you free up time and increase productivity of your team. Automating HR tasks saves time by freeing up employees for more valuable or complex tasks, while improving security, raising efficiency, and reducing the possibilities of human error.

Other benefits of HR automation include the following:

  • Reduced wastage – Experience reduced paperwork, costs of materials and manual workflows.
  • Data-driven decision-making – Track data across HR functions to analyse different processes and their effectiveness.
  • Transparency and consistency – Automate workflows to improve transparency and create clear roles among staff and employees.
  • Enhanced productivity and better resource allocation – Automate tedious processes, for HR to focus on more important tasks.
  • Better security practices – Manage access layers to allow companies to provide tools to the employees who need them and organize protected information.
HR automation to organize HR data

Automation helps companies stay compliant with organisational policies, such as labor auditing, employee safety and health or government regulations. If you are still dealing with paper-based HR processes, using even the most basic workflow automation software will be an improvement. Think long term! Will basic self-service and automated emails be enough to support your business case, or do you want to streamline your business operations and workflows for better management and gains? It is time you consider HR process automation and choose a partner who understands the benefits and features of the automation tools at hand.

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