Employee Attendance Management

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence

Benefits of HRSS360 Employee Attendance Management

Employee Attendance Management module in HRSS360, gives your employees the freedom of digitally registering their attendance at the workplace premises or working from home and ensures that their work times are captured.This is achieved though the inbuilt tools provided for biometric attendance capability in HRSS360 thus makes the pen and Attendance register a thing of the past.

HRSS360 Attendance management module helps organization adopt to every changing work environment and gives the flexibility to the employees to log in their attendance if they are working from home, or traveling or attending an emergency issue or working from office premises. Employees are happy that all their work hours are getting captured and organization are able to retain talent by providing them the flexibility and still ensuring compliance to HR policies..

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence

Employee Attendance Management module in HRSS360 helps Track and analyses the trends in attendance which can be can be a first step towards improving the working atmosphere and ensuring employee satisfaction. HRSS3 60 helps Manage attendance -records of Employees, view and track the attendance records of employees on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, keep track of work shifts, vacation time, and personal time for each of your employee. All these features in the long run help in curtailing absence or reporting tardiness of employees, and thereby take corrective action.

Benefits of HRSS360 Attendance Management

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence
  • Monitor workforce and eliminate timekeeping innacuracies
  • Optimize workforce scheduling and anticipate staffing levels
  • Monitor and record your workforce’s time and attendance
  • Collect, track and analyze employee time & attendance
  • Know who is working and who is out
  • Seamlessly integrate Attendance record into Payroll system using Restful APIs

HRSS360 can be accessed 24*7 round the year via laptops,desktops,mobile devices across platforms,reduces lab or hours and increases efficiency.Helps organizations deal with disperse workforce and helps employees mark their presence digitally.

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