Employee Onboarding Process

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence

Benefits of HRSS360 Employee Onboarding Process

Standardization and streamlining of Employee Intake process, is one of the highlighted feature of HRSS360, wherein a new employee is introduced to HR  procedures and policies. Primary aim of any onboarding process is to provide effective environment to new employees to acclimatize to the new environment, understand the KRAs, dos and dons etc. HRSS360 helps organization increase employee retention, by automating the onboarding process that ensures effective communication of employee job duties, organizational processes, facilities and perks available.

HRSS360 enables HR team create new employee, setup onboarding workflow based on different band, department and designation, create onboarding forms to capture critical data, upload documents etc.
HRSS360 helps setup onboarding checklist for HR team to help initiate internal processes like background checks, asset requisition, induction and training, supervisor and team introduction, etc.

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence

Advantages of HRSS360 Employee Onboarding Process

Eliminate headache of  manual new hire paperwork and get your prospective/new employee ready to work from get go.

HRSS360, HR Management, Employee Self Service, Leave and Absence
  • Digitization and Standardization of onboarding
  • Create a Paperless environment allowing prospective employees fill in all their demographic details, upload documents
  • e-Sign all employee intake forms
  • Setup onboarding workflow based on band, department or designation
  • Prepare Onboarding Checklists and initiates internal requests
  • All unproductive administrative work is eliminated
  • Allow new employees to request for Assets to help in their respective jobs
  • Access to Project related information, anytime and anywhere
  • Ability to see in real time, who is doing what!

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