Attendance Management/Timekeeping

Simplified compliance and employee attendance

The most essential step towards building a digitally enabled work environment is to have an elaborate Attendance Management system. HRSS360 is a cloud based attendance system that not only maintains visibility on employee movements, but also simplifies compliance. HRSS360 empowers employees to digitally register their attendance from anywhere and from any platform, while the HR can monitor everything in real time.

The HRSS360 Attendance management system features biometric attendance capability for secure and reliable attendance management. For the safety of the on-premise people, the touchless attendance feature is incorporated in this real time attendance software. It uses facial recognition and cloud based computing to register attendance in real time. Set HR policies as per your organizational requirements with our Attendance Management system.

Attendance management software to monitor employee's attendance

Monitor and record employee’s time and attendance

Monitor and record employee’s time and attendance

Remote employee monitoring software

Capture online attendance for remote employees

Capture online attendance for remote employees

The HRSS360 advantage of
Attendance Management /Timekeeping

The HRSS360 advantage of
Attendance Management/Timekeeping

Attendance Management/Timekeeping Software

An attendance management/timekeeping software monitors the work schedule of an employee. The legacy models comprised of paper registers and files, time clocks, and Excel-based spreadsheet. Now, with the advent of technology, companies are looking at large, distributed workforces, which demands digital tools to record attendance and work schedules. Dedicated enterprise mobility solution for employee time-tracking, ranging from on-premise software to cloud-based tools with advanced analytics and automated schedule configuring, is the need of the hour.

A cloud-based attendance software offers the benefits of flexibility, cost optimization, and ease of access across devices and platforms. And several features make these tools essential for modern organizations.

The digital attendance management systems can change how you manage your workforce. The features and functionalities built into these platforms are integral to your employees’ everyday workflow, and eliminate human errors that can lead to month-end hassles and compliance challenges.

  • Log in and out to track clock in, register break periods, and clock out after the workday is complete.
  • Leave management for online application and approval of leaves.
  • Payroll integration for timely calculations and payoffs.
  • Reporting for basic and advanced employee analytics.
  • Biometric/Touchless attendance eliminates the risk of fraud by using the employee’s fingerprint or other personal identification for attendance authorization.
  • Regularization alerts to inform managers/employees of missed login/logout details, requesting immediate action.
  • Calendar integration helps teams keep track of available team members via a shared calendar.
  • Mobile and cloud support for accessibility across locations and accurate attendance capture from any location.
  • Employee self-service through apps and browsers, leave requests, corrections in attendance records, and self-compliance.
  • Advanced analytics to monitor attendance patterns and behavior.

Core HR Functionalities on a Single Platform

HRSS360 is a human resource management system to hold all your sensitive people data on a single platform, for easy access, increased accuracy, and enhanced compliance. We offer a suite of integrated HR modules, which are configurable according to organizational requirements and HR policies.