HR Reports and Data Analytics

Dynamic Dashboard of HR Reports and Analysis

Reporting is one of the essential tasks with any HR. Timely and regular reporting enables the HR to track key workforce metrics that help organizations to take timely actions. HRSS360 is a powerful HR reporting software that integrates dynamic HR reports and analytics. It can help your HR in identifying new trends and opportunities while promptly addressing emerging problems before they significantly impact the business.

The HRSS360 HR dashboard is the most efficient way to monitor, manage and track data. The HR analytics tools enable you to track analyze and report on HR key performance indicators.

HR reporting software to automate HR reports

Automated HR Reports

Automated HR Reports

HR analytics tool to make the report and helps in decision making

Analytical Reports for Decision Making

Analytical Reports for Decision Making

The HRSS360 advantage of
HR Reports and Data Analytics

HR Reports and Analytics

The new gen HR is more strategic and aligned with business goals, which creates a need for KPIs built on metrics. Metrics are worthless without analytics. HR analytics tools involves gathering data from internal and external sources, processing, storing, and analyzing it to get insights about people on whose competence an organization’s performance depends. Reports and Analytics enables HR professionals to make educated decisions related to employee lifecycle like recruitment, performance evaluation, training, compensation, and much more. HR analytics tools can directly benefit the organization by reducing costs associated with poor workforce planning.

Understanding different types of HR analytics tools can make it easier for HR to evolve. The various types of HR analytics are descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, and diagnostic. Each provides a different perspective on the company’s data

Descriptive analytics

Descriptive analytics is the basic analytics that takes historical data and summarizes it into a worthwhile report. Focusing only on descriptive analytics is very reactive. HR that is evolving to align with business needs should focus on being proactive.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics enable you to plan for the future. Statistical models and forecasts are used to take decisions for the future. Models are built on patterns that were found within the descriptive analytics. The goal is to proactively find the needs of the organization.

Prescriptive analytics

Prescriptive analytics provides recommendations on what to do based on predictions and what has occurred in the past. This analytical approach can be highly beneficial for organizations with peak or busy seasons.

Diagnostic analytics
Diagnostic analytics show the causes of the results exhibited. It explains the underlying cause, which helps us to focus our efforts to decrease the problem.

Types of HR reports

  1. Employee information reports
  2. Recruitment reports
  3. Onboarding and Offboarding reports
  4. Performance management reports
  5. Compensation reports
  6. HR administration reports
  7. Travel and expense reports
  8. Miscellaneous HR Reports.

Core HR Functionalities on a Single Platform

HRSS360 is a human resource management system to hold all your sensitive people data on a single platform, for easy access, increased accuracy, and enhanced compliance. We offer a suite of integrated HR modules, which are configurable according to organizational requirements and HR policies.