Travel and Expense Management System

TESS360 - the Intelligent Travel and Expense Manager

Travel and Expense Management System is a complete travel and expense management software, including travel expenditures/claims and standard deduction. Our intelligent SaaS based expense management software can be configured to handle all the employee travel related issues, travel bookings, hotel bookings, commute and claims, at the click of a button. It comes as a complete employee travel and expense management module integrated with HRSS360, and can be also configured separately. The module allows employees in your organization to book official/business trips to different destinations while keeping your HR department timely updated about the travel plan. The reporting capability of HRSS360 gives insights into the travel costs of the trips and other facilities that make traveling much easier for any employee of your company.

HRSS360 HR software to automate your entire HR processes.

Easy and real time tracking of leave applications, leave status and approvals

Simplified time tracking and real time attendance to auto calculate working days, work hours, time offs, holidays and more. Touchless mode also available.
Enables employees to login remotely and work even when away from office
Enables efficient designation of project based tasks and their monitoring by team leaders and employers
Advanced tools for managers and management to make the performance and appraisal process easy with multi level accessibility
Enables online requisition requests and maintains records of assets allocated to employees.
Updates roster of employees, on the cloud
Leave a lasting impression on your new recruits with easy onboarding procedure and introduce them to HR policies and procedures of the organization
Hire and recruit people efficiently and effectively
Single platform for expense management and comprehensive travel bookings for employees from anywhere, while keeping the HR informed
On-time, error free processing of wages, salaries, deductions, bonuses, reimbursements, and other relevant financial records
Dynamic and robust reports that are dashboard based, help to understand trends and records for effective data analysis
Enables employees to update their personal information and professional details online while keeping your sensitive data safe.

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Employee travel and expense management for faster reimbursement

Faster reimbursements reducing employee attrition​

Faster reimbursements reducing employee attrition​

Enpense management software with OCR feature

Log expenses with receipt image capture and OCR features​

Log expenses with receipt image capture and OCR features​

The HRSS360 advantage of
Travel and Expense Management System

Travel and Expense Management Software

While it is humanly impossible to monitor every move made by an employee, technology has enabled this in a way that informs and guides the employee, while the company saves money. It’s a win-win situation for both!

Expense management, a new vertical, is a company’s go-to solution for an online expense manager and an expense tracker. An efficient travel management system should be intuitive in the way it delivers solutions. It must be fast, smart, and able to provide suggestions that fit into a budget allocated for the grade of an employee.

Here’s how seamless an intelligent travel expense management software can be:

  • Right from trip planning stage, eg. booking flight, expense management app provides the flight class, based on entitlement of employee.
  • A business expense tracker considers the employee’s grade at all times and keeps them apprised of the budget allocated to them. All data and information are collated and accessible to the employee round the clock to ensure they are aware of – and responsible for – their business trip expenses.
  • Travel and Expense app has checks in place to alert and redirect traveler towards a list of options that are approved per their entitlement.
  • Gone are the days when bills had to be saved and produced for accounting after a trip. The daily expense manager saves the electronic versions of bills – food, commute, entertainment or any other business trip expenses.

Core HR Functionalities on a Single Platform

HRSS360 is a human resource management system to hold all your sensitive people data on a single platform, for easy access, increased accuracy, and enhanced compliance. We offer a suite of integrated HR modules, which are configurable according to organizational requirements and HR policies.