Why Choose HRSS360?

Automate HR Processes Enable Remote Access Ensure Compliance Manage Regulations Eliminate Human Error  Security of Data

How can HRSS360 help your HR?

HRSS360 can automate your entire HR process and make the HR data available from everywhere. The HR and employees can literally catch up with each other, on the go! Here’s what we can do:
Manage employee lifecycle on one platform
HRSS360 HR software to automate your entire HR processes.

Automate HR Processes

HR processes such as resource onboarding, recruitment, payroll management, performance management, travel and expense management and others, can be highly time consuming and resource-intensive, when done manually. HRSS360 is a SaaS based human resource management solution that simplifies the HR process with minimal requirement of human intervention. 

You can choose from the huge HRSS360 portfolio of specialized HR modules, and we shall configure and implement the solution at your end with seamless integration with your existing systems. This enables your HR to focus on other key areas of the organization such as HR process improvement, corporate training, boost employee efficiency, and creating organizational culture.

Enable Remote Access & Employee Self Service

Employee data and services is the most important task of the HR. This is a highly time consuming process and requires utmost accuracy. HRSS360 provides remote access to employees and empower them with the self-service feature

Employees can themselves add and update their personal data, while getting approvals and leaves sanctioned online. This saves time for both the employee and your HR, while ensuring accuracy of data and transparency to employees.

Ensure Compliance and Manage Regulations

Most companies operate within complex legal environments where they must follow certain regulations. HRSS360 enables compliance checks and can schedule alerts as required to ensure that the company is always following regulation requirements. Non-compliance can result in heavy fines and penalties.

Eliminate Human Error

Our well researched and implemented HR solution automates most tasks related to HR management, which not only saves time but also eliminates common human errors.

Security of Data and Prevention of Fraud

HRSS360 ensures that your sensitive organizational data is secured without compromising on its utility. Our SaaS based HR solution offers several advanced security features to ensure the safety of user data, both on-premise as well as on the cloud. 

HRSS360 is an integrated HR solution that can save revenue, important organizational details, and time required to process fraudulent claims. Our highly integrated and secure system does not allow manipulation of the system.

HR on the Cloud

We have harnessed cloud technology to free your HR, from the burden of manual processes and developed a SaaS based solution to take the strain. Software as a Service (SaaS) is not only transforming the way HR functions; it is also elevating HR performance and success in the organization. 

Our employee centric interface with the insightful data and analytics offers an ecstatic experience in building a performance driven culture for your company. Now your people data is available to you from everywhere. Catch up with office from anywhere!

  • Reduction in the potential for error and the time loss that comes from workflow inaccuracies
  • Free your HR from the burden of admin, and expand their roles to focus on business strategy and development.

HR Automation Solution for your Organization

We value people and believe that a satisfied workforce strengthens the roots of every business. HRSS360 aims to simplify and automate people processes for greater transparency, ease of availability and an exceptional employee experience. With our SaaS based HR solution, employees have access to their work related information from anywhere, while the HR keeps a track. 

HRSS360 encompasses every HR workflow that is required to manage your people processes. Right from recruitment, onboarding, and leaves to assets, performance and appraisal analytics, we digitalized the core HR functionalities and made them readily available on a single platform. Your people are more than task robots and we understand the importance of enabling them to reach their full potential and become the driving force within the business.

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